Reasons why they reject a loan

Solve your pending financial via loan

Solve your pending financial via loan

There are times when it is important to ask for a loan to solve a pending financial, seek to increase your assets or exercise some essential purchase in your life.

Unfortunately, there are times when the credits are rejected without knowing very well why.

We explain the ways in which institutions tend to evaluate these financings.

  • Credit History: The behavior you have had in relation to your credit history is essential to determine if you are a good candidate for a credit or not. Therefore, we must maintain good control of finances and especially debts.
  • Relevance in your Credit Score: A relevant credit score is a score in constant update that summarizes the behavior that has been between credit cards, loans and you. It is important that you have one greater than 640, if not, it is very difficult to get credit.
  • The debt exceeds your ability to pay: If you have not had a good financial stability and debts seem impossible to solve. It is very likely that financial institutions can not give you another credit.
  • Not having enough income: How much money you receive monthly is one of the requirements for a loan. This amount is the one that expresses the time in which you can solve it.
  • You have no seniority: It is usually possible to apply for a loan when you complete 6 months in a job. This antiquity proves your financial stability.
  • Errors in the credit application: Many of the errors consist of not having correctly filled out the credit application. It is essential that you do it carefully and review the information. Any basic error is a reason for a denial of credit.

Duplexo is a fintech in which you can request financing to resolve debts. However, like some other institutions, Duplexo is also based on your credit history since in all cases it is essential that you have a good score to be able to get financing. However, if so, do not hesitate to request a financing from Duplexo because the interest rate is the lowest in the market.