Payday Loan Consolidation – 30000 Euro: Interest Rates and Required Guarantees

How do you get a 30000 euro loan from Cleopar to consolidate your old loan? Which process should I follow to get the loan and what are the best and most advantageous options?

Today we will see it together in one of our guides on how to get a 30000 euro loan with Cleopar to solve some problems and / or to make some purchases for the family.

How to get a 30000 euro loan with Cleopar

How to get a 30000 euro loan with Compass

If you find yourself needing a 30000 euro loan, Cleopar allows you to get a sum of money quickly and easily. If you need to get 30,000 euros with Cleopar the first thing to do is request a quote.

Cleopar offers its customers many different loan options that adapt to all different needs. To get the quote quickly, you can go to a branch and ask a representative for help or visit the website.

On the site you can find many theoretical examples, but we still recommend going to a branch to get more detailed explanations. Cleopar allows you to obtain payday loan consolidations starting from a minimum of 5000 euros up to a maximum of 30000 euros.

The payday loan consolidation is a type of loan that is obtained quickly and that allows the disbursement of the sum that can be returned to the institute in installments of variable number. The applicant can also decide how many installments to repay the loan.

To understand how a Cleopar loan works, you can proceed with the calculation of the installment directly on the official website. The quote helps you get an idea, just fill out the form on the site to get the necessary information.

To make a quote there is not even the need to register on the site and you do not even need to enter personal data. To know the installment, just enter the amount you need and the number of months in which you plan to repay the loan.

The form also indicates the interest rates Tan and Taeg. If you prefer, you can request a quote directly at the branch by setting up an appointment via the website. To make an appointment, just fill in the form and enter your personal details, the branch you have chosen and the time.

The necessary guarantees

The necessary guarantees

For any loan requested there are always guarantees to be given to obtain it. The guarantees are the same even for those who do not have a pay slip and even for those who have been included in the list of bad payers or for those who have been protested beforehand. Here are the various options needed to apply for the loan:

  • The pay slip: generally allows you to get the loan quickly and without problems since it is a very solid guarantee that even allows you to have advantageous rates;
  • The guarantee of a third party: thanks to the guarantee of a third party who can be a parent, a friend or a relative, a loan can be obtained. The third person must be able to act as a guarantee and could become responsible for the person requesting the loan;
  • The pension: a useful guarantee for the loan, but   the duration and number of installments may vary and be reduced depending on the age of the person who requested the loan;
  • Salary-backed salary: this is a method that allows those who need the loan to obtain it even if it is on the list of bad payers or if it has been protested. In this way the sum to be returned will be withheld directly from the salary.

What do you need to get the loan?

What do you need to get the loan?

To obtain the loan with Cleopar you must provide:

  • An identity document;
  • The pay slip or the pension slip.

The documents on the list must also be provided by those who have been protested or by those on the list of bad payers. No need to provide other documents, the institution will take care of the other operations.

The timing for receiving the money

The timing for receiving the money

Generally, if the loan application has been submitted online, the loan can be obtained within 48 hours of opening the file. If the loan is requested directly at the branch, the person in charge will indicate to the applicant the waiting time to obtain the loan.

Interest payable

Interest payable

In the online quote, but also in the quote made in the branch, you can view the interests directly or in the TAN and the APR. The TAN is the interest rate, while the APR is the synthetic total cost index of the loan which includes all the commissions to be paid for the loan request.

We advise you to check the TAN and APR carefully to choose the cheapest and the lowest.

The 30000 euro Cleopar loan for consolidation of other loan for protested individuals

The 30000 euro Compass loan for protested individuals

The institutions do not always allow you to get a loan if you have been protested or if you are registered on the list of bad payers, to find out if Cleopar allows you to get the loan you have to ask for information in a branch. A person in charge will assess the situation and choose whether or not to grant the loan to the subject.

One way to get a loan even if you have been protested or marked as a bad payer is to give a fifth of your salary as a guarantee. The sale of the fifth allows for plans to repay the sum in 10 years and also to have lower interest rates.

Cleopar loans for temporary workers

Compass loans for temporary workers

Even temporary workers can apply for a 30000 euro loan with Cleopar as long as they provide guarantees.

It is necessary that the number of installments to be paid does not exceed the remaining months of the contract. The conditions for the loan for fixed-term workers are the same as those offered to those with permanent contracts.