Consolidation of Payday Loans – What is it About? | How to Get Out of Debt

The short-term loans sector is currently experiencing a real boom in Poland. The so-called payday loans are often the only source of quick access to additional funds for people without creditworthiness. You can enlist a few or even a dozen at a time. Until the repayment of monthly installments exceeds the financial capacity of the debtor. The solution can then be consolidation of payday loans. A summay is on

Rescue for the borrower

Rescue for the borrower

Sometimes considered to be risky, payday loans can be a very good solution in ad hoc situations. Provided, however, that they are paid regularly. Most problems arise because of two reasons: exceeding the repayment date and treating loans as a permanent source of additional income. For a large group of borrowers, this means loosing a spiral of debt from which they can not get out. A short payback period, which is 30 days, is characteristic for the payday loan. Each delay involves the necessity of extending it for another month, and this in turn with considerable costs. Not paying off a few loans on time, we pay large commissions and penalty interest, but we do not repay the capital – that is, debt is not falling. You need to look for a solution that will help restore liquidity, relieve the home budget and contribute to debt repayment.

What is payday consolidation?

What is payday consolidation?

Consolidation of debts is simply a conversion of many loans or credits into one with a lower installment. A completely new loan is being drawn, which allows us to cover all our commitments. In return, we are left with one, new and most importantly lower loan installment. We do not have to worry about many obligations, with different repayment terms.

There are two ways to proceed. With creditworthiness, you can apply for a consolidation loan or a loan for any purpose in the bank and spend it on repayment of debts. Some banks also provide the option of consolidating payday loans. The second option is the non-bank installment loan. Of course, before we decide on one of them, it is necessary to look for and check other options beforehand and to recalculate the costs of such service and estimate whether in the long term it will be profitable enough so that consolidation of payday loans makes sense.

Is it worth using consolidation?

Is it worth using consolidation?

When deciding to combine all obligations, remember that we extend the repayment period and thus pay more interest. However, the consolidation of debt is often the only chance to go out, a small total, at the expense of a stalemate financial situation. That is why consolidation of payday loans is a solution that brings many benefits. The most important of them are:

  • Relief of the household budget – a combination of all monthly installments into one, much lower.
  • Recovering financial liquidity – spreading commitments over time.
  • Protection against consequences of non-compliance with the contract – facilitation of timely repayment of liabilities.
  • Easier organization of finances – only one repayment date.

When consolidating payday loans, it is worth remembering not to take out a quick loan for this purpose. Only loans with repayment option in installments make sense in such a situation and give a real chance for success. Before taking out a consolidation loan or a non-bank installment loan, you must carefully assess your financial capacity and calculate the amount that you can spend on monthly repayment.

A Loan for Consolidation in the Bank up to 80,000 Euro


Consolidation of €80000 in the bank due to loans and borrowings. On the Comparison Loans website, you will learn about the latest proposals of banks in the consolidation loans segment. has more notes

What is a credit consolidation? Consolidation is the “combination” of several loans and / or cash loans into one commitment.

It is important that not only loans and cash loans are subject to consolidation, but also other types of liabilities: debt limit on the account, credit cards, installment loans, car loans and housing loans.

Instead of paying off some liabilities at different banks, on different dates, thanks to consolidation, we have one loan and one installment. Consolidation will help you regain financial liquidity by lowering the loan installment.

Where to consolidate €80,000,000?

Consolidation €80,000, comparison of banks

Consolidation PLN 80,000, comparison of banks

Most often the credit consolidation is interested in those for whom the sum of installments paid is too high. The most important is that thanks to consolidation, we reduce debt expenses. By combining loans into one loan and extending the repayment period, we reduce the loan installments to a level acceptable to our budget.

Consolidation allows you to get rid of, for example, a debt in a credit card or an overdraft.

Loans and loans are subject to consolidation:

  • cash;
  • Auto,
  • mortgages (we are talking about a mortgage consolidation loan then),
  • installment,
  • credit cards and debits in ROR.

What exactly can be consolidated in a given bank, we should ask a bank representative about this. All you need to do is send a request to the chosen person and the representative of the institution will call us on the loan.

Before we decide on a specific consolidation loan offer, it is worth comparing consolidation loans to €80,000. This can be done by checking total costs and APRC loans. It is known that the smaller the cost of such a loan, of course, the loan is cheaper.

In addition, when making a selection, it would be necessary to check additional “profits” resulting from a given offer. For example, it may be additional cash as part of consolidation or credit holidays. The place where we consolidate depends on ourselves.